Close fisted meaning in hindi | Close fisted ka matlab 

Close fisted meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Close fisted 
Close fisted synonyms
cheap mean parsimonious penny-pinching tight tightfisted close-handed acquisitive avaricious avid eager envious gluttonous green-eyed itchy jealous keen mercenary rapacious ravenous selfish voracious yearning ensurient grudging hogging prehensile swinish desirous extortionate venal extorting niggardly usurious hungry impatient carnivorous craving devouring insatiable intemperate omnivorous edacious esurient gobbling gormandizing gulping guzzling insatiate pennypinching ravening tight-fisted abject beggarly churlish ignoble illiberal skinflint sordid ungenerous cheapskate chintzy economical frugal saving sparing uncharitable curmudgeonly hoarding pennywise pinchpenny scrimping ungiving chary narrow near petty ironfisted scurvy skimping prudent canny careful provident steal conserving preserving scrimpy unwasteful
Close fisted antonyms
benevolent generous giving unselfish abstemious extravagant philanthropic charitable liberal wasteful uneconomical spendthrift far wasting away 
Usage of Close fisted in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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