Concept meaning in hindi | Concept ka matlab 

Concept meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Concept 
Usage of Concept: 1: The concept of semantic analysis includes the meaning of words and sentences. 2: Wwe uses a concept as burried alive. 3: The candidate reinvented the concept of national health care so that he would get elected 4: The concept of probability was established in early 90s. 5: Please draw out the concept on paper . 6: Heidegger also summarizes this concept as the abandonment of being. 7: Smuts pioneered the concept of holism 8: Soviet military theorists introduced the concept of deep battle. 9: Bobson provided a concept of short comics with the same style of the show 10: NASA planned to use the C-3 as part of the Earth Orbit Rendezvous concept
Concept ki paribhasha : vah shakti jisamen koi baat man men dhaaran ki jaati hai vah jo kuchh man se socha jaay athava sochakar nishchit kiya jaay vah riti jisake dvaara chhndon ke bhed aur unaki snkhya jaani jaay

Concept synonyms
perception conception theory image thought approach notion view impression abstraction brainchild apprehension slant supposition twist conceit hypothesis consideration wrinkle conceptualization intellection big idea brain wave fool notion
Concept antonyms
reality concrete proof being 
Usage of Concept in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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