Culture meaning in hindi | Culture ka matlab 

Culture meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Culture 
Usage of Culture: 1: a pluralistic culture 2: Roman culture was enduringly fertilized 3: Institutions should be centres of culture 4: My motherland is known for its culture all over the world. 5: Burgdorfer was the partner in the successful effort to culture the spirochete 6: People of intellingentsia are interested in culture and learning. 7: Traditional or old culture related 8: Cross-cultural studies of different religion and culture inhances the friend-ship bond. 9: Initially, western culture was a seaborne culture. 10: The culture of Barbados is a syncretic mix of African and British elements
Culture ki paribhasha : vyaktigat aur saamaajik jivan ki vah avastha jisamen logon ka aachaar vyavahaar bahut sudharakar uchchha ho chuka ho ratha, gaadi, kolhoo, charase aadi ko chalaane ke liye usake aage baila, ghode aadi pashu baaandhana khet men anaaj bone ka kaary dosh ya trutiyon ka door kiya jaana ek ho tarah ki bahut si chojon ka dher bhitar baahar se saskaar ki gai—sabhyata shikshaa, upadesha, sngata, aadi ka man par pad hua prabhaav

Culture synonyms
fashion art ability science practice experience civilization perception skill manners learning polish dress urbanity gentility capacity discrimination erudition savoir-faire elegance improvement cultivation enlightenment finish elevation tact class delicacy proficiency refinement courtesy address kindness grace dignity training accomplishment nobility politeness aestheticism good taste lifestyle knowledge habit society folklore mores customs convention way of life ethnology humanism grounding arts and sciences folkways the arts agriculture tending gardening farming agrology agronomy raising agronomics
Culture antonyms
inability ignorance inexperience coarseness incompetence harm hurt clumsiness bad manners crudeness roughness inelegance impoliteness tactlessness ineptness 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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