Decision meaning in hindi | Decision ka matlab 

Decision meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Decision 
Usage of Decision: 1: Ultimately she has to take the decision herself. 2: The decision at the meeting was unanimous. 3: he had the audacity to question my decision 4: I recalled my decision of going there 5: This decision involves many changes 6: The decision was a savageblow for the residents 7: this decision was made administratively 8: This was a rare decision by the city 9: "The decision to show EastEnders four nights a week 10: Disregarding this decision
Decision ki paribhasha : vaadi prativaadi ke bich upasthit vivaad ka nirnay kisi tatv ka vichaara, nirnay ya vivechan aisi dhaarana jisamen koi sndeh na ho auchity aur anauchity aadi ka vichaar karake kisi vishay ke do pakshon men se ek paksh ko thik thaharaana kaary karane ki vah ichchha jo man men utpann ho

Decision synonyms
accord settlement arrangement determination judgment agreement choice selection verdict ruling compromise finding opinion outcome result arbitration reconciliation end sentence showdown understanding adjudication preference declaration adjustment accommodation prearrangement adjudicature the call the nod resoluteness perseverance decisiveness seriousness persistence stubbornness spine backbone obstinacy pluck grit earnestness resolve purposefulness doggedness fortitude volition firmness decidedness obstinance iron will purposiveness will power
Decision antonyms
dissension refusal indecision source deferment deferral delay indefiniteness disagreement beginning cause postponement procrastination wavering indetermination idleness indolence flexibility irresolution weakness cowardice unimportance 
Usage of Decision in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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