Decrease meaning in hindi | Decrease ka matlab 

Decrease meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Decrease 
Usage of Decrease: 1: there was a decrease in his temperature as the fever subsided 2: Lung function remained the same despite the decrease in medication. 3: Patients in the early stage of disease show a decrease in platelets 4: These studies have shown a significant decrease in cytokine output of 5: Elevated levels of ketone bodies in the blood decrease the blood's pH 6: The Liberal Party saw their percentage of the vote decrease dramatically 7: Kast attributed this effect to a decrease in anxiety. 8: This results in a decrease of the in-flow of gold in the long run. 9: This can decrease height further 10: Some decrease in obsessive-compulsive behavior was also found.
Decrease ki paribhasha : maan ya pad ki maryaada men dosh ya baadha hona praachin kaal men samay jaanane ke kaam men aanevaala ek vishesh jalapaatr pahale se chhota ya kam ho jaane ki kriya ya bhaav paas ke dravy aadi men truti ya kami koi baaj jo ho jaay

Decrease synonyms
decline loss shrinkage cutback discount reduction downturn contraction condensation compression ebb waning subsidence abatement depression diminution constriction dwindling declining decrescence falling off wane dwindle reduce soften curb weaken ease fall off drop off slash curtail depreciate deteriorate slump sink cut down lower slacken settle degenerate decay devaluate lighten modify quiet evaporate crumble quell wither restrain fade waste shrivel check droop calm down let up peter out wear down die down dry up lose edge narrow down run low slack off slow down tail off wear away
Decrease antonyms
increase enlargement expansion raise rise addition development growth improve ascend lengthen prolong compliment laud praise liberate expand extend strengthen irritate go up upset build 
Usage of Decrease in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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