Deserts meaning in hindi | Deserts ka matlab 

Deserts meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Deserts 
Usage of Deserts: 1: In some parts of the deserts of Rajasthan land is converted into arable fields . 2: The spread at Mrs. Gigis dinner was an epicurean delight with its variety of meats, deserts and wine selection. 3: A major issue is the continued expansion of deserts 4: These deserts were referred to as the "red land" in ancient Egypt 5: Snow is common in the deserts and low valleys between May and September 6: If an afterlife of just deserts existed 7: Some frogs inhabit arid areas such as deserts 8: Urban areas in deserts lack large daily temperature ranges 9: Many deserts are formed by rain shadows 10: Cold deserts have similar features
Deserts ki paribhasha : kisi kaary ke snpaadan karane ki shakti aisa ujaad sthaan ya jngal jaahaaan koson tak paani na mile ek pratyay jo snkhyaavaachak shabdon ke aage lagata hai aur utani hi baar kisi vishesh snkhyaa, maatra ya parimaan ko soochit karata hai

Deserts synonyms
right guerdon merit discipline comeuppance penalty return revenge requital payment retribution chastisement compensation recompense deserving reward punishment lumps disciplining chastening meed get hers get his talion what is coming to one what one is asking for
Deserts antonyms
award reward forgiveness pardon penalty sympathy 
Usage of Deserts in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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