Detailed meaning in hindi | Detailed ka matlab 

Detailed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Detailed 
Usage of Detailed: 1: The students deferred to their teacher about the detailed topic. 2: a detailed record on both a chronological and a topical basis 3: He gave a detailed explanation of the case. 4: D.C., would have detailed information. 5: Emacs has an unusually long, detailed and well-written manual. 6: President Gayoom published a detailed Roadmap for the Reform Agenda 7: See Status of special relativity for a more detailed discussion. 8: In the earliest detailed study of the event 9: He provides a detailed record of meetings 10: Kasparov's detailed Olympiad record, from , follows.
Detailed ki paribhasha : jisaka ansh ya vibhaag na kiya gaya ho athava jisake tukade ya vibhaag na hue hon jese, vahaaan aap logon ke liye bahut vistrat sthaan hai

Detailed synonyms
precise comprehensive meticulous definite thorough specific complicated intricate exhaustive exact accurate full complete developed elaborate exhausting specified narrow abundant all-inclusive circumstantial copious finicky fussy individual minute nice blow-by-blow described elaborated unfolded enumerated disclosed individualized amplified circumstantiated at length clocklike point-by-point seriatim
Detailed antonyms
inaccurate inexact questionable indefinite uncertain vague incomplete needy cursory sparing uncomplicated false imprecise careless simple brief nonspecific undetailed inexhaustive 
Usage of Detailed in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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