Draped meaning in hindi | Draped ka matlab 

Draped meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Draped 
Usage of Draped: 1: The palatial walls of Mysore palace were draped with tapestries. 2: They draped each guest with a makeshift toga . 3: Tradition also states that when draped vertically 4: Tradition also states that when draped vertically 5: Actor draped in antique 6: It also said an ornamental sort of gilded copper, in much the form an ancient coat hook, used to take apart and draped curtains of a window 7: Nude is often used as a noun male and means in terms of Painting and Sculpture, non-draped figures, the parts of the figures that are not draped 8: The figures draped gracefully 9: This actor is draped well
Draped ki paribhasha : nadi ya parakote aadi se chaaron or se ghira hua

Draped synonyms
sprawl don swathe dangle cover cloak fold enclose envelop wrap dress clothe model suspend droop spread-eagle drop line roll enwrap array display enswathe lean over let fall
Draped antonyms
uncover unwrap release conceal hide lay bare reveal free let go open unclothe rise continue collect gather undrape 
Usage of Draped in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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