Duty meaning in hindi | Duty ka matlab 

Duty meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Duty 
Usage of Duty: 1: Your duty will be to maintain the traffic system at peak periods.
commanded the officer.
2: hazardous duty 3: He discharged his duty responsibily. 4: The outpost duty is very difficult. 5: The duty of an officer is not to regress from the battle field in any case. 6: two men stood sentry duty 7: The soldier was on active duty for ten months . 8: You must report to me for duty at noon . 9: Dyer was removed from duty 10: He was released from active duty under honorable conditions on February 23
Duty ki paribhasha : musalamaani dharmaanusaar vidhivihit karm jisake na karane se manushy ko praayashchit karana padta hai vah mahasool jo ghaaton aur raaston aadi par raajy ki or se vasool kiya jaata hai gati ya kriya jo kisi prayatn se utpann ho

Usage of Duty in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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