Earnest meaning in hindi | Earnest ka matlab 

Earnest meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Earnest 
Usage of Earnest: 1: He is an earnest student. 2: When the slave trade began in earnest in the sixteenth century 3: By February 1773 he was writing in earnest 4: Poe began more earnest attempts to start his career as a writer. 5: The protests against Rome began in earnest when Martin Luther 6: He began to study in earnest 7: So far, it was only joke, but this time he threatened in earnest 8: Taunt apart without mockery Seriously, earnest
Earnest ki paribhasha : vah dhan ya rakam jo kisi ko kisi kaam ke karane ke liye us kaam ke karane se pahale hi de di jaay harsha, krodha, bhay aadi manovegon se chnchal na hone ka gun vah dhan jo koi chij kharidane ke samay athava kisi prakaar ka theka aadi dene ke samay usaki baatachit pakki karane ke liyai bechanevaale athava theka lenevaale ko diya jaay niyat samay ya ghadi bilakul thik aur poora jo lenaden ya vyavahaar men sachcha ho

Earnest synonyms
diligent impassioned sincere fervent urgent purposeful ardent passionate heartfelt eager keen busy devoted fervid industrious sedulous vehement warm wholehearted zealous perseverant sober solemn somber thoughtful firm constant steady intent stable close grave determined fixed meaningful no-nonsense resolute sedate staid weighty mean business for real no-fooling playing hard ball resolved
Earnest antonyms
indifferent apathetic insincere dispassionate flippant unconcerned unthoughtful trivial unimportant cool unexcited unenthusiastic cold frigid thoughtless unpassionate unpurposeful unserious unstable changeable irresolute inconstant unsteady untrustworthy wobbly loose weak wavering unfixed 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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