Emotional meaning in hindi | Emotional ka matlab 

Emotional meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Emotional 
Usage of Emotional: 1: it was an emotional judgment 2: He is inmeshed by emotional relationships. 3: He is enmeshed by emotional relationships. 4: She is in a process of emotional regression. 5: He was not sensitized to her emotional needs 6: He also examined the relationship between physical and emotional love 7: Although Aspasia was acquitted thanks to a rare emotional outburst of Pericles 8: The novel is a masterpiece of psychological realism and emotional effect 9: Beckham was visibly shaken and emotional for not being able to play 10: Their final emotional break apparently came at Ferney
Emotional ki paribhasha : jisake man men bhaavon ka visheshataः komal bhaavon ka snchaar hota ho

Emotional synonyms
sentimental exciting hysterical impassioned sensitive poignant touching moving nervous heated affecting passionate spontaneous ardent disturbed ecstatic enthusiastic excitable fanatical fervent fervid fickle fiery heartwarming histrionic impetuous impulsive irrational overwrought pathetic responsive sentient stirring susceptible temperamental tender thrilling zealous emotive hot-blooded tear-jerking falling apart roused stirred
Emotional antonyms
indifferent unemotional unexciting apathetic impassive numb unmoving unenthusiastic calm cool unexcited dull physical unaffecting 
Usage of Emotional in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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