Enigmatical meaning in hindi | Enigmatical ka matlab 

Enigmatical meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Enigmatical 
Enigmatical ki paribhasha : smrati men paaanch prakaar ki saakshiyon men se ek saakshi jise arthi ne pratyarthi ka vachan suna diya ho

Enigmatical synonyms
cryptic dark doubtful equivocal incomprehensible indecipherable inexplicable inscrutable occult oracular perplexing puzzling recondite teasing uncertain unfathomable unintelligible sibylline delphian sphinxlike stickling stumping questionable unclear opaque inconclusive dubious vague indefinite indeterminate muddy tenebrous clear as dishwater multivocal polysemous troublesome complex delicate confusing abstract abstruse baffling deep esoteric formidable hidden intricate involved knotty labyrinthine loose meandering nice obstinate profound rambling subtle tangled thorny ticklish bewildering confounding entangled hard to explain hard to solve paradoxical vexing unaccountable arcane cabalistic indiscernible delphic incognizable ungraspable unknowable unknown magical strange secretive curious weird covert furtive insoluble spiritual subjective symbolic transcendental uncanny unnatural veiled alchemistic astrological necromantic anagogic imaginary metaphysical otherworldly paranormal preternatural quixotic supernatural visionary numinous thaumaturgic mysterial nonrational sorcerous telestic wizardly complicated concealed dim far-out hazy illegible illogical inconceivable incredible indecisive indistinct unbelievable undefined clear as mud secluded classified undisclosed private undercover underground hush-hush closet unseen camouflaged cloak-and-dagger covered disguised out-of-the-way reticent retired under wraps unenlightened clouded unfrequented unpublished backdoor conspiratorial on the qt shrouded witchlike cloudy nebulous borderline chancy dubitable unsure at issue in doubt in question
Enigmatical antonyms
obvious clear unmysterious known unquestionable determined unambiguous explicit plain certain definite sure understandable lucid manageable uncomplicated friendly sociable easy calm free simple straightforward comprehensible intelligible explainable explicable penetrable permeable porous soft thin evident visible usual tangible comprehendible familiar bright apparent normal regular public knowable natural palpable undisguised uncovered perceptible understood distinguished famous common bare exposed open aboveboard honest unconcealed forthright legal legitimate revealed light defined real physical 
Usage of Enigmatical in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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