Explanation meaning in hindi | Explanation ka matlab 

Explanation meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Explanation 
Usage of Explanation: 1: His explanation was a fib. 2: So, the explanation is not consistent. 3: Another popular explanation for the Italian Renaissance is the thesis 4: He gave an explanation of zhengming to one of his disciples. 5: This explanation has been questioned. 6: He bases his explanation not 7: Another socioeconomic explanation looks to demographics: Europe 8: An explanation of higher criticism and other heresies 9: Yet another explanation is that 10: References without explanation abound.
Explanation ki paribhasha : manushy ke hraday ka aashay jo shabd se prakat ho kisi vaakya, pad ya grnth ka arth spasht karanevaala vaaky ya grnth vah vaaky aadi jo kisi jatil pad ya vaaky aadi ka arth spasht karata ho kisi baat ko spasht ya saaph karana

Explanation synonyms
comment interpretation confession evidence motive sense information story note statement answer commentary cause justification description excuse meaning report definition account expression summary resolution example elucidation explication talking narration demonstration specification gloss brief writing mitigation exposition details significance rendition breakdown showing illustration vindication telling annotation recital tale display history
Explanation antonyms
quiet silence ignorance concealment complication question hiding vagueness 
Usage of Explanation in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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