Extensive meaning in hindi | Extensive ka matlab 

Extensive meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Extensive 
Usage of Extensive: 1: programmers have to take extensive measures to prevent gigo errors. 2: The building required extensive modification. 3: Nowadays extortion is extensive in commercial towns. 4: Active volcanos often emit lava causing extensive damage. 5: producing wheat under extensive conditions 6: We made an extensive use of the public library. 7: While there were extensive vineyards planted at Monticello 8: The first and most extensive recorded cleaning 9: The Met also maintains extensive holdings of African 10: Around the main urban area is an extensive greenbelt
Extensive ki paribhasha : raamaayan ke anusaar raaja ikshvaaku ke putr ka naama, jisane vishaal naam ki nagari sthaapit ki thi jese, vahaaan aap logon ke liye bahut vistrat sthaan hai padaarth men sarvada vidyamaan rahanevaala gun ya dharm

Extensive synonyms
pervasive huge lengthy large-scale comprehensive protracted major voluminous broad sweeping considerable vast all-inclusive big blanket boundless capacious commodious extended far-flung general great hefty indiscriminate long prevalent roomy sizable spacious universal unrestricted wholesale wide widespread expanded wide-ranging across the board all-encompassing comprising scopic scopious unexclusive wall to wall
Extensive antonyms
miniature tiny exclusive insignificant unimportant restricted limited narrow little small slight short uncomprehensive 
Usage of Extensive in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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