Careful example sentences

That is why we need to carefully distinguish between a government that is a democracy and one that pretends to be one.In order to use ratings effectively, the traits should be clearly defined in terms of carefully stated behavioural anchors.We have never seen an animal growing more in one direction or the other, depending on light or gravity! But if we think about it a bit more, it will become evident that, even in animal bodies, growth happens in carefully controlled places.I watched dumbstruck as a hundred carefully sorted documents came raining down in a fluttery cascade, coins bounced to a variety of noisy oblivions and the now-lidless tin of tobacco rolled crazily across the concourse disgorging its contents as it went.The British also felt that all important documents and letters needed to be carefully preserved.Let us carefully examine various aspects of this question.Look carefully at the picture of the boy and his dog, and try to describe the things that you see, using just words and phrases.One appraiser examines the document carefully and gives the examination order.It must be interpreted carefully as valuation of stock also affects its computation.With carefully designed observation, the clinical psychologist may gain considerable insight into a client's personality.Why do we need to use our resources carefully? Because these are not unlimited and with the human population increasing at a tremendous rate due to improvement in health-care, the demand for all resources is increasing at an exponential rate.It was presumed that it was the responsibility of consumers to be careful while buying a commodity or service.To begin with, a psychologist may begin with carefully scrutinising the physical setting in order to capture its “atmosphere”.This column is very important and therefore its values must be carefully stored and interpreted in preparing accounting reports.Let us carefully examine various aspects of this question.

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