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As noun : सावधानी का Ex:  It is careful to deceive, it is too honest
As adjective : अप्रमत्त Ex:  they were careful when crossing the busy street अमुक्तहस्त Ex:  Be careful while entering pit head of coal mine. इष्टिपच Ex:  Be careful they are mining for coal in this area. कंजूस Ex:  Be careful while driving through the glen. करमट्टा Ex:  One must be careful while sitting on a seesaw. कलाकुशल Ex:  Be careful while unbridling the horse! कार्यचिंतक Ex:  Formative years of a child need careful supervision. किंपच, किंपचान Ex:  Jim was always careful about how he dressed . क्रपण Ex:  For purposes of careful identification of any work by Mozart चेतंत Ex:  Hippocrates made careful चोकस Ex:  Tourists taking taxi in Prague are being advised to be very careful चौकस या सावधान Ex:  He was careful in his use of color चौकस Ex:  The Warren Commission paid careful attention to the image उ:   लेकिन अहिन्दी-भाषी राज्यों में बदलाव की सम्भावना को चौकस कर दिया। जरपरस्त Ex:  Players must be careful not to signal the fact that they are counting. जुजरस Ex:  Nevertheless, one must be careful in determining the best hand तंगदिल Ex:  It concludes "If we are not careful दुनियापरस्त Ex:  He concludes that Metoro either knew nothing or was careful not to reveal it. दृढ़मुष्टि Ex:  Wilhelm II. The new Emperor opposed Bismarck's careful foreign policy धिष्णय Ex:  A careful staging पत्थरचटा Ex:  A clever, fine, careful maneuvering पृष्ठपाती Ex:  Absolutely, careful who you listen to प्रणिहित Ex:  After careful and carefully examined the case प्रदानकृपण Ex:  After careful deliberation, considered, reviewed प्रमत Ex:  All the wine will go there, if we are not careful प्राप्तभाव Ex:  Be careful प्रौण Ex:  Be careful not to lose the file फल्गुद Ex:  Be careful not to over-commit बद् धमुष्टि Ex:  be careful replica मामक Ex:  Be careful what you do, it is said यत्त Ex:  Be careful what you say, there you are, you are observed युक्तमना Ex:  Be careful, be careful to someone, to something व्यपेक्ष Ex:  Because, you see, we must be careful what one is व्यपेक्षक Ex:  careful education सँजवल Ex:  elliptically, you will Garde said, in military terms, for careful, be careful सँजूत Ex:  He Given careful driving in this case संयत्त Ex:  He had been careful to spread his emissaries in every direction सतर्क Ex:  In a careful manner उ:   पेत्रार्का की रचनाओं में सतर्क कलाकार के दर्शन होते हैं। सहस्त्राक्ष Ex:  It also means think, be careful, be careful सावचेत ‡ Ex:  It also means Who is careful in that it has to do सावधन Ex:  It is a Human careful सावधान Ex:  It is careful of his honor, reputation उ:   अगर आयोग और अधिक सावधान होता, विभाजन में भारी भूलों से बचा जा सकता था। सावधानी से Ex:  It shows careful in everything he says or writes सावहित Ex:  It works with attention without careful सूत्थान Ex:  It's a little mind says a careful man, who attaches importance to small things स्वांतस्थ Ex:  Location where one can fall if we are not careful हुशयार Ex:  Make NOTIFY to mean thinking about something, be careful हुशवार Ex:  My boy, you are not careful enough हुशार Ex:  Play tight, Playing with careful attention not to make mistakes, to nothing neglecting हुस्यार ‡ Ex:  She is very careful of his person होशयार Ex:  the spirit that thinks, serious meditation, careful consideration on something होशियार Ex:  There careful not to use it in this way उ:   उन्होंने यह भी स्कूल के होशियार छात्र है। होश्यार Ex:  This permission was careful not to be denied
Other : अवधानी Ex:  He called for a careful exploration of the consequences सचेत Ex:  He is a very careful man उ:   सरकार और समाज को सचेत किया। सजग Ex:  I was careful to specify that उ:   लेखक का सजग व्यक्तित्व उसकी आत्मकथा में सर्वत्र मुखर है।
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Careful synonyms
precise accurate attentive choosy mindful wary scrupulous meticulous deliberate thorough judicious thoughtful discreet circumspect conscientious vigilant rigorous prudent leery concerned sober alert apprehensive assiduous chary conservative cool exacting fastidious finicky fussy guarded heedful observant particular prim protective provident punctilious regardful religious shy solicitous solid going to great lengths playing safe selfdisciplined
Careful antonyms
inaccurate inexact questionable negligent lax heedless inattentive inconsiderate foolish incautious indiscreet rash reckless unscrupulous idiotic irrational unwise uncaring unconcerned false careless loose thoughtless uncareful
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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