Clean example sentences

Hot tea could wash and clean up everything so nicely, after all! Marriage gifts are meaningless without the sweet bread known as the bol, just as a party or a feast loses its charm without bread.Petrol and lower fractions of petroleum are also used for dry cleaning of clothes to remove grease stains.His next task was to organise a team of youth volunteers to clean the shelter of filth, urine, vomit and floating carcasses, and to tend to the wounds and fractures of the many who had been injured.LABOUR in most families: women do all work inside the home such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, tailoring, looking after children, etc.For example, a member of a community group for 'clean environment' requests you to put a sticker on your bike that reads, 'Say No to Plastic Bags'.These measures have resulted in cleaner air for the city.Kasturbai taught the ashram rules on personal cleanliness and community sanitation.It was sleek and clean and had a sweet scent of grass.The first spell of rain was usually not collected as this would clean the roofs and the pipes.Tasks like washing clothes, cleaning, sweeping and picking up loads require bending, lifting and carrying.This problem is overcome by using another class of compounds called detergents as cleansing agents.This activity demonstrates the effect of soap in cleaning.They include strict cleaning of the produce before storage, proper drying of the produce first in sunlight and then in shade, and fumigation using chemicals that can kill pests.Timothy had clean habits, and would scrub his face with his paws exactly like a cat.But today she was lucky to receive a clean dress which had shrunk after many washings and no longer fitted Champa.

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