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Clean meaning in hindi

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As noun : अकुटिल Ex:  towel to clean the body.
अकैतव Ex:  A spotlessely clean uniforn can attract others easily. अखंड़ Ex:  he used a pick to clean the dirt out of the cracks अखंड़न Ex:  the doctor gave him a clean bill of health अखंड़ल Ex:  It is difficult to clean the elbow of the chimney. अचवाई Ex:  Rinse the clothes with clean water. अच्छाबिच्छा Ex:  I took down the notes in a clean sheet of paper. अच्छी तरह से Ex:  They asked the kids to clean the mess in the room. अछ्चा Ex:  She uses an old rag to clean the floor. अछ्चे ढंग से Ex:  His liaison with his secretary has damaged his image as a clean officer. अजिह्म Ex:  Take this broom and clean the house. अनवह्वर Ex:  She picked up the broom from the corner of the room to clean the floor. अनाढ्य Ex:  She is planning to ahve a spring clean this time for her house. अनामिल Ex:  I use nail-brush to clean the finger nails. अपिच्छिल Ex:  The English football team played a clean game. अबक्र Ex:  The batsman was clean bowled. अभिनिष्पन्न Ex:  He ordered the manservant to clean the car. अभ्यग्र Ex:  A maid comes to clean the house. अयातयाम Ex:  We devised a scheme to clean the city. अरुगण Ex:  The main aim ofwindows and skylights in ahouse is to get clean air andsunlight inside. अरुज् Ex:  He has a clean career record. अरेप Ex:  I clean my room everyday. अविलष्ट Ex:  spotlessly clean अवोष Ex:  You use soap to wash and to makes things clean . आढ़ Ex:  Please clean down the sidewalk . आढ्य Ex:  I'll clean off the table . आरेचित Ex:  I've got to get busy and clean this house up . आवसित Ex:  The towels in the bathroom were none too clean . इद्ध Ex:  “I want you to clean your room . एककलम Ex:  The baskets contain clean एकदम Ex:  Eventually, women noticed that it was easier to clean clothes with this "soap". उ:   इसके विपरीत, चीन की सेना एकदम बेकार थी। एधित Ex:  Steam locomotives require large pools of labour to clean Ex:  I know I have clean hands and a clean heart. उ:   चाओ जी एक शायर था चीन मैं तांग रज्यवंशः क वक्त मैम। कंगाल Ex:  The comic strip series has long been admired for its clean काफि Ex:  The clean version of a performance used to be known as the "Boston version". कृतशोभ Ex:  Switzerland where the break from work and clean mountain air did him wonders कोरा Ex:  Communism tried to wipe clean every nation उ:   इसमें कवित्व नहीं, कोरा साहित्य नहीं, एक अचल ऐतिहासिक सत्य है। क्षाल Ex:  It is a relatively clean and safe city क्षीणवृत्ति Ex:  Islamabad is a modern and clean city खटारना Ex:  Often, keyboards and clean singing are incorporated . खब Ex:  MSF water engineers and volunteers must create a source of clean water. खाली कर द् करना Ex:  Let us make a mindmap of the many uses of clean water . खुक्खल Ex:  The new city also had to be a clean and healthy space . गर्मागर्म Ex:  A clean horse riding, standing in the arena, good for the ride चाबुकदस्त Ex:  A strong taste, very clean taste A चासू Ex:  Action to achieve or result of this action to clean figuratively चुस्त Ex:  Action to clean or result this action उ:   वह बहुत चुस्त और देश के बहुत ही कुशल गेंद संचालकों में से एक है। च्लेअन् Ex:  All operations that aim to clean छालना Ex:  ALL s' also used to clean छावला Ex:  bandage, speaking of a horse means the curry, the brush, clean it and give it everything it needs छूँछिपु Ex:  bourgeois house, simple and clean house without luxury or research छोरदार Ex:  BREAK is also female name, in terms of the Navy, and designates a clean place to relax जरफ Ex:  By analogy, if picking his teeth, picking his ear, if clean teeth, ear जाख Ex:  By extension, it means less clean Making the exercise of physical or intellectual faculties टिपटाप Ex:  clean money, give Him its actual value ठल्लपु० Ex:  clean wool cloth डभक Ex:  dedicated Word, word that is so clean and usual to signify a certain thing, you can not use a डहडहा Ex:  ébouter or clean the wick तरस्वी Ex:  Empty, clean sales, remove the wood that is cut तरायल Ex:  Everything is clean to promote the development of this industry ताजा Ex:  gender, difference, species, clean and accident उ:   ताजा नारियल में जिंक भरपूर मात्रा में होता है। ताजि Ex:  Have a good clean ताजी Ex:  He also said a clean tin vase containing water or other liquids, for use by other ranks उ:   ताजी कलियों का रंग ललाई लिए हुए या हरा रहता है। तुच्छय Ex:  He says he particularly clean character to this or that opinion तुर्वाणि Ex:  Head Study, Drawing of a head clean as a model and is usually of after a painting of a great master तूर्णि Ex:  I am interested in this case as if it were clean तूर्वयाण Ex:  If one does not care to clean often copper, it turns green तेजमय Ex:  In terms of Agriculture and Horticulture, Land is in love, and is in a clean state fermentation vegetation दक्ष Ex:  In terms of Arts, flush, fast flowing printed a body of water to clean a pipe उ:   आज मिथिलांचल के कई गांवों की महिलाएँ इस कला में दक्ष हैं। दक्षकन्या Ex:  In terms of Blacksmith, Reload, Add to tools, pieces of iron the clean metal repair worn parts, weakened दरद्नी Ex:  In terms of grammar, it means Action to give each event a name, a pronoun, an adjective form that it is clean दुरेत Ex:  In terms of liturgy, Clean Time, Togetherness clean offices at different periods of the liturgical year धनहीन Ex:  In terms of Manege This horse clean the carpet, his shoulders have little movement, and not enough walking notes धोना Ex:  In terms of painting, clean contours, the purer and make correct उ:   साबुन से हाथ धोना भी सुरक्षा प्रदान करता है। धौँताल Ex:  in terms of Play, clean the carpet, Winning all the money that is on the game धौँना Ex:  It also means action to release in a clean anchored नँगियाना Ex:  It also means clean, make it clean and in this sense it mainly says is speaking of the table and body linen, curtains, bed sheets, etc नँग्यावना Ex:  It also means the clean wood to make masts नंगा करना Ex:  It also said clean element to the life of a निछान Ex:  It also said the Attractiveness of approval which makes certain things clean to allure निपाख Ex:  It also says a clean place to walk, which extends lengthwise and is lined with trees or greenery निपुण Ex:  It also says a path of a certain width arranged inside a water and sewer, and on which you can walk to the clean or repair the उ:   तत्पश्‍चात्‌ तक्षशिला लाकर सभी विद्या में निपुण बनाया। निभृत Ex:  It breathes clean air here निम्मल Ex:  It came out of this case clean hands निरपख Ex:  It expresses particular remedies to clean diseases of the chest, निरपच्छो Ex:  It is also said Having clean hands something, have taken no part Is निर्दोश Ex:  It is customary to clean as in the expression The imposition of hands निर्वृत Ex:  It is not usual to clean निष्कलंक औरत Ex:  It is not usual to clean as in these sentences: be lying limply be extended softly, lying down in a good bed, be extended to rest its members निष्कलंक Ex:  It is sometimes said, or a single voice when it is sound, clean and soft, or Instrument which makes a pleasant sound निष्क्लंक Ex:  It means particularly science methods and clean processes to develop young children physically and morally निष्पक्ष Ex:  It refers Arts Different sorts of tools used to dig, scratch, clean उ:   ट्रैवल एजेंट ग्राहक को निष्पक्ष यात्रा सलाह देने वाला माना जाता है। निहथ्त Ex:  It says Furthermore Voice and sounds and meaning Who is clean and pure नीरजा Ex:  It still means a piece of cloth which is used to scrub, clean नीरोग Ex:  It still means one clean way to imitate nature exactly उ:   कुछ माह बाद नीरोग होकर वे वापस आये। न्यायसंगत Ex:  It still means Situation, clean occasionally moment पछालना Ex:  LANGUAGE said is specially Vocabulary and syntax so clean or that writer पध्धर Ex:  MAIN is used in a host of other special expressions, as clean as figurative परिमार्गण Ex:  Making profession and still say Doing business in to other clean and figurative sense that will indicate to PROFESSION PROFESSION words and पषालना Ex:  of both genders who are not clean to पारदर्शी Ex:  Place into a corpse clean substances to prevent it from corrupting उ:   प्लवकों का शरीर न्यूनाधिक पारदर्शी होता है। पारदृश्वा Ex:  Preparation clean to clean and whiten teeth पूरा Ex:  PRINT expressed particular in terms of arts, Action or how to draw footprints with an area where there are recesses or projections to clean load of a color which, by compression, is transferred to another surface उ:   उनका पूरा नाम जिमी डोनेल वेल्स है। पूरी तरह से Ex:  PROPERTY also means the proper word of Employment, clean term पूरी तरह Ex:  Prose has a rate that is clean it पूर्ण Ex:  Purify, clean उ:   हीराकुद बांध पूर्ण हुआ। पो Ex:  Put a clean shirt प्रछारना Ex:  SERVE means even be useful, good, clean something प्रछालना Ex:  Short for clean in the sense of who arranged neatly, not without some research प्रणेजन Ex:  Small piece mine stone, or some other clean colored material to draw प्रतिनव Ex:  So to speak clean particular to the Hebrew language प्रत्यार्द्र Ex:  SPECIFIC is also used as a male name and means a clean Drug some illness प्रपूर्ण Ex:  Surgery Who is clean to clean प्राचेतस् Ex:  Take down a cloth to clean the better फक्काड़बाज Ex:  The oak supplies clean curved pieces to constructions फींचना ‡ Ex:  The revolutionary spirit is clean slate फुर्तीला Ex:  The word, expression, clean run, The word, phrase, the term which alone makes exactly the idea बलीयस् Ex:  THEIRS is also used as neutral and means what is to them, what is it, what is their clean बेनवा Ex:  This also said figuratively, in colloquial language, and signifies who is clean cooling बेसरोसामान Ex:  This child is very clean, not clean भूरपूर Ex:  This is the Latin Cicero all clean भोँदु Ex:  This man has the esteem clean मर्जू Ex:  This measure seems clean to reconcile all interests मसकीन Ex:  This room, this staircase is not clean मुखप्रक्षालना Ex:  This was done without me, I have clean hands मुसल्लम Ex:  This which prepares the skin to make it clean leathers for certain uses, such as gloves, purses, book bindings, bags, towels, etc मुस्तैद Ex:  To always be clean रिक्त Ex:  Utensils used clean clothing, furniture, etc उ:   इस घटना के लिए स्वर्ण पदक की स्थिति अब रिक्त है। लकालक Ex:  Wash, clean windows लूट लेना Ex:  When it gives a clean sweep, such is always the handle side वपुष्मत् Ex:  Who is clean Medicine to purify the blood वर्द्धित, वर्धित Ex:  Who is of two kinds within and within something that is clean and it key विक्त Ex:  Who Surgery is used to clean wounds, ulcers विखेद Ex:  Wood wheelwright, clean wood to works wheelwright विनिधौर्त Ex:  , Clean as a penny or elliptically as a penny, Very clean विनिर्मल Ex:  , clean morals विनिवृत्त Ex:  , in terms of Carousel , This horse clean the carpet, it is not within walking fairly विम्लान Ex:  , Is working to clean figuratively विशदप्रभ Ex:  , It has the golden tongue, this is a golden tongue, is said of someone who is speaking easy, elegant, clean seducing विसदद Ex:  , It seems kind of a box, is said of a person extremely clean and decked शफ्फाक Ex:  , Make a clean sweep, Dismiss all his servants, all employees शीलित Ex:  , the donkey is still the common bâté worse, the business community, a society are often overlooked, no member caring to bring it all his care, as if they were clean hers शुद्घ Ex:  He expressed particular a clean instrument to measure the thickness of the layer of water that falls annually on the surface of the earth in one place शुध्द Ex:  It also said, in the plural, clean Ways to a person, its actions, its processes शोब Ex:  It is also used transitively and means to Pass a clean liquid from one place to another शौंडि Ex:  It is said often today of Action to wash, clean the machine by chemical or mechanical processes श्लील सँपूरन संपद संपृक्त संभृत सद सद्यस्क, सद्यस्तन सनेमि सफ़ करना सफ़ाई करना करना सफ़ाई उ:   ब्लूटेक डीज़ल उत्सर्जन की सफ़ाई के लिए एक दो-चरण वाली प्रणाली है। सफो समकोटिक समाप्लुत सरभस सांगोपांग साद्य साफ़ ढंग से साफ़ सुथराआ सिधोसामान सीधा उ:   अनेक पर्वों और उत्सवों का गंगा से सीधा सम्बन्ध है। सुडौल सुधौत सुसम सुहूँ सूधा सौँझा सौँसे ‡ स्फूर्तिमान् स्वच्छ उ:   वे हमेशा स्वच्छ कपड़ा पहनना चाहिए।
As verb : क्षाल Ex:  It is a relatively clean and safe city खटारना Ex:  Often, keyboards and clean singing are incorporated . खाली कर द्करना Ex:  Mona and Raju were helping Amma to clean their house . छालना Ex:  ALL s' also used to clean जलसंस्कार Ex:  By extension, débourber Make a fish, Put it in clean water, for he lost the taste of mud पखारना Ex:  Kind car with four wheels, wearing clean various burdens पखालना Ex:  Kind Furniture that has the shape of a box made of wood or metal, clean enclosing various things and is opened by lifting the lid पछालना Ex:  LANGUAGE said is specially Vocabulary and syntax so clean or that writer परछालना Ex:  Making clear, clean परिमार्गण Ex:  Making profession and still say Doing business in to other clean and figurative sense that will indicate to PROFESSION PROFESSION words and पषालना Ex:  of both genders who are not clean to पौंछना Ex:  Scientific method, precise and rigorous method, clean Science प्रणेजन Ex:  Small piece mine stone, or some other clean colored material to draw प्रधावन Ex:  Steel wool, iron chips Thin bunched, that clean the floors फिरयाना Ex:  The revolutionary spirit is clean slate साफ करना सामान्य विपत्र सूँतना
As adjective : अशराफ Ex:  Sally got a clean bill of health from the doctor . उजला Ex:  Baum came clean about who wrote The Last Egyptian and made a film of it उ:   उसपर चमकता हुआ उजला श्वेत वर्ण इसकी आभा को चार चांद लगाता है। उद्वस Ex:  While the ordinary daily prayers can be performed at any location that is clean ऊजती Ex:  Congregants and visitors to mosques are supposed to be clean themselves. ऊजरी Ex:  The Arctic is comparatively clean ऊजला Ex:  There have been efforts to clean up Bangkok's canals कुड़ुक Ex:  Known for its clean surroundings and temperate climate खाली Ex:  This simple fact tells us how important clean air is to us . उ:   लेकिन वह डर के कारण खाली नहीं करा पाता है। खिल्ला Ex:  You can see how fine and clean the cotton is this time . खुक्खल Ex:  The new city also had to be a clean and healthy space . ठलुआ Ex:  clean prison ठल्लपु० Ex:  clean wool cloth ठालीपु Ex:  Cures, completely clean by rubbing धौला Ex:  It also means clean and convenient location नियमों का पालन करते हुए Ex:  It expresses particular a clean Instrument raising plans, and consists of a united board on which we set a rule that is successively towards the objects we want to meet बिना कोई गलती के Ex:  There's trouble in clean भद्र Ex:  This coastal clean for peas उ:   तेलुगू फ़िल्म भद्र में उन्होंने कार्य किया। भद्रवेश Ex:  This expression of Italian all clean वशिक Ex:  Who restores or is clean rebuild विक्त Ex:  Who Surgery is used to clean wounds, ulcers शालीन Ex:  , Make a clean sweep, Hunting his servants संस्तुतक
As adverb : निस्सन्देह Ex:  It refers figuratively, in terms of the Arts, a clean device to raise burdens, beams or that is pumped something उ:   नाटककार निस्सन्देह घटना-संयोजन में अत्यन्त दक्ष हैं।
Other : अमल Ex:  He always cracks clean jokes. उ:   उसको इरादे और अमल की आजादी दी। अमलिन Ex:  The municipal workers plunged the iron rods into the drain to clean up. अम्लान Ex:  The batsman made a clean hit of the ball. उज्ज्वल Ex:  Donated or resold toys should be gently used, clean and have all parts. उ:   डेमास्थेनीज़ शब्द-प्रभु था, ग्रीक प्रतिभा का उज्ज्वल उदाहरण। झक Ex:  Chemistry of very clean salt to facilitate melting of metals used in many industrial uses झकझका Ex:  clean and special construction in Greek तेज़ Ex:  In terms of Agriculture it means Stir ground to a certain depth, to divide, to loosen, to increase the thickness of topsoil, or simply La rid, clean weeds उ:   देहरादून के पास गंगा के तेज़ बहाव में राफ्टिंग की जाती है। निर्मल करना Ex:  It is not customary to clean ; figuratively it means link or following several things of the same kind, same quality, or things that have them some reports निर्मल Ex:  It is no longer used in clean उ:   ये सदा उर्जा से भरे रहते हैं, इनका हृदय निर्मल और पवित्र होता है। निष्कलुष Ex:  It means even clean which is coated fat पाक Ex:  old Clean, Real property that were already clean in hand of he who is succeeded by उ:   ठंढा करने के लिये पाक की टंकियों में पानी की नलिकाएँ लगी रहती हैं। फक Ex:  The clean and figurative फक्क Ex:  The clean and figurative फरचा Ex:  The object that is used to clean the pen विमल Ex:  , In terms of Carousel, This horse clean the carpet, it is not within walking fairly उ:   तुम विमल हृदय उच्छवास और मैं कान्त कामिनी कविता। शुक्ल Ex:  Blanc lye says clean linen, as it is coming out of the laundry उ:   शुक्ल जी की अनूदित कृतियां कई हैं। शुचि Ex:  Brushes to clean the clothes शुद्ध करना Ex:  It also means clean and Distinctiveness शुद्ध Ex:  It also means clean Who is the constitutional government or who complies with the constitution of the state उ:   जिस पर शुद्ध स्वर्ण की परत चढ़ाई गयी है। सफ़ाई करना सम्पूर्ण उ:   ये स्थान सम्पूर्ण पृथ्वी के स्वर्ग कहलाते हैं। साफ सुथरा साफ उ:   बर्फ से ढका हुआ धोलाधार पर्वत भी इस कस्‍बे से साफ दिखाई देता है। साफ़ करना साफ़ होना साफ़ उ:   निचली भूमि के अधिकांश भाग को खेती के लिए साफ़ कर दिया गया है। सुथरा उ:   ढोर के रहने का स्थान साफ सुथरा को रोगीगृह आदि कहते हैं।
Clean ki paribhasha : bhadr ya sabhy samaaj men stri, purusha, bachche aadi sabhi ke bolane, padhane ya dikhaaye jaane yogy jisake andar kuchh na ho sira, daadhi, moochhon aadi sabake baalon ka mundn jahaaj ka vah bhaag jo adar ki or jhuka ho bauddh shaastr ke anusaar maitraayani ke ek putr ka naam vah jo ayaachitavratti ho phal aadi jo dal se tootakar turnt aaya ho ek chidiya jo taalon ke kinaare rahati hai bij ko jamane ke liye jute khet ya bhurabhuri ki hui jamin men chhitaraana bina kisi prakaar ke dosha, kalnk ya apavaad aadi ke
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Clean synonyms
hygienic unblemished simple clear tidy bright graceful elegant orderly spotless neat pure blank fresh immaculate trim stainless sparkling vanilla white shining apple-pie order delicate faultless flawless sanitary snowy squeaky unstained unsullied untarnished unsoiled washed speckless laundered cleansed dirtless neat as a button neat as a pin spic and span taintless unpolluted unsmudged unspotted well-kept wholesome antiseptic aseptic unadulterated decontaminated clarified disinfected purified sterilized uncontaminated uninfected decent good upright moral innocent blameless exemplary guiltless honorable inculpable modest respectable sinless undefiled crimeless unguilty plain correct clear-cut definite distinct legible readable perfect entire total final absolute conclusive decisive unimpaired bathe scrub clear up soak dredge spruce up mop flush pick up scrape sweep brush vacuum dust wipe rinse winnow sponge erase refine polish scald blot swab lave sanitize rasp neaten soap expurgate rake cauterize clarify scour whisk deodorize expunge purify purge clear the decks do up deterge edulcorate hackle shampoo absterge depurate elutriate rout out shake out straighten up tidy up
Clean antonyms
unclean complicated unclear unintelligible aware cloudy uncertain disorganized sloppy slovenly untidy impure tainted cluttered adulterated defiled unchaste indefinite muddled incomplete contaminated dirty filthy foul soiled dark dull gloomy obscure disorderly corrupt polluted stained tarnished besmirched unvirtuous imprecise unsterile indecent unsuitable dishonest evil sinful bad intricate ornate obscured vague ambiguous complex difficult decorated embellished imperfect limited part partial worsen ruin spend
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The word is used as adjective verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb, adverb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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