Intelligent example sentences

Rather than focusing on structure of intelligence or its underlying dimensions, information processing approaches emphasise studying cognitive functions underlying intelligent behaviour.An intelligent manager should make use of positive aspects of informal channels and minimise negative aspects of this channel of communication.So we know a number of facts about this tiny, hard-working and intelligent creature.The example of Sterling Courier brings out clearly how an adverse business situation may intelligently be controlled by a manager.Each does its share of work intelligently and bravely, and never figurehts with other members of the group.Binet s theory of intelligence was rather simple as it arose from his interest in differentiating more intelligent from less intelligent individuals.The most intelligent student may not be the friendliest one.The intelligent heroine rejects him and chooses Madhavan, the educated and handsome Nayar as her husband, and the young couple move to Madras, where Madhavan joins the civil service.f you watch an intelligent person, you are likely to see in her/him attributes like mental alertness, ready wit, quickness in learning, and ability to understand relationships.The same person, thus, can be creative as well as intelligent but it is not necessary that intelligent ones, in the conventional sense, must be creative.The major focus of this approach is on how an intelligent person acts.Why are some people more intelligent than others? s it due to their heredity, or is it due to the influence of environmental factors? The evidence for hereditary influences on intelligence comes mainly from studies on twins and adopted children.Enjoys strong support in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura, especially among the poor, factory workers, farmers, agricultural labourers and the intelligentsia.However, sometimes more intelligent persons change their attitudes more willingly than less intelligent ones, because they base their attitude on more information and thinking.Researchers have also found that both high and low level of creativity can be found in highly intelligent children and also children of average intelligence.

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