Intelligent meaning in hindi | Intelligent ka matlab 

Intelligent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Intelligent 
Usage of Intelligent: 1: Angels mother-in-law is very intelligent and shrewd. 2: Though he consideres himself that he is very intelligent but his behaviour is puerile. 3: Ram is s emotionally intelligent boy. 4: They are gentle, elegant, inquisitive, intelligent and observant. 5: In intelligent mammals 6: Velma is the intelligent analyst 7: Anna O. was a highly intelligent 21-year-old woman. 8: He was considered one of the most intelligent in his class 9: Heigo was very intelligent and won several academic competitions 10: Curious and intelligent from a young age
Intelligent ki paribhasha : jo koi baat sahaj men samajh sake jo kisi kala ya vidya men nipun ho shrrangaar ras men naayak ka ek bhed

Intelligent synonyms
imaginative inventive wise brilliant knowledgeable resourceful creative bright perceptive rational brainy well-informed original astute acute alert alive apt calculating capable clever deep discerning enlightened exceptional highbrow ingenious instructed keen knowing penetrating perspicacious profound quick quick-witted ready reasonable responsible sage sharp thinking together understanding whiz witty all there comprehending
Intelligent antonyms
uncreative unimaginative uninventive ignorant stupid unintelligent typical unaware uneducated worn foolish idiotic imbecile dull unreasonable dark normal old unresourceful 
Usage of Intelligent in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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