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Reflex arcs are formed in this spinal cord itself, although the information input also goes on to reach the brain.Thousands of rural women who made a living by spinning cotton thread were rendered jobless.The first stage of production was spinning a work done mostly by women.This affected not only specialist weavers but also spinners.The spurt in demand for goods like textiles led to a great expansion of the crafts of spinning, weaving, bleaching, dyeing, etc.The first cotton mill in India was set up as a spinning mill in Bombay in 185 From the early nineteenth century, Bombay had grown as an important port for the export of raw cotton from India to England and China.A merchant clothier in England purchased wool from a wool stapler, and carried it to the spinners; the yarn (thread) that was spun was taken in subsequent stages of production to weavers, fullers, and then to dyers.These primary abilities are: erbal Comprehension (grasping meaning of words, concepts, and ideas), Numerical Abilities (speed and accuracy in numerical and computational skills), Spatial Relations (visualising patterns and forms), Perceptual Speed (speed in perceiving details), Word Fluency (using words fluently and flexibly), Memory (accuracy in recalling information), and nductive Reasoning (deriving general rules from presented facts).It also opened new possibilities for spin and swing.During this phase the chromosomes are fully condensed and the meiotic spindle is assembled to prepare the homologous chromosomes for separation.In one part of it, thatched with dead grass, is a firewood stove over which sits a large vessel of sizzling spinach leaves.From the depredations of a lawless Banditti of colliers and their wives, for the wives had lost their work to spinning engines … they advanced at first with much insolence, avowing their intention of cutting to pieces the machine lately introduced in the woollen manufacture; which they suppose, if generally adopted, will lessen the demand for manual labour.The humid climate is ideal for spinning and weaving.At different moments in this period new technologies made their appearance — like the Persian wheel in irrigation, the spinning wheel in weaving, and firearms in combat.The brain and spinal cord constitute the central nervous system.

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