Spin meaning in hindi | Spin ka matlab 

Spin meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Spin 
Usage of Spin: 1: The physics lecture made my head spin . 2: It is a spin ½ lepton that participates in electromagnetic interactions 3: The electron has spin ½ and is a fermion . 4: Atomic clocks use the spin property of atoms as their basis 5: A golf ball acquires spin when it is hit. 6: This is called a spin glass, and is an example of geometrical frustration. 7: Some spiders spin funnel-shaped webs 8: Different grips generally are used for different types of spin and shots. 9: Elementary particles can be classified according to their spin 10: Fermions have half-integer spin
Spin ki paribhasha : vah gol ya chakraakaar padaarth jo bich ki kili ko ek sthaan par tikaakar ghoomata ho taratib ya kram se rakhana ek hi dhuri par chaaron or bhraman karana man bahalaav ke liye ghoomana phirana julaahon ki vah kriya jisase ve sooton ya taaron ki sahaayata se kapad taiyaar karate hain kisi or latakane, pravratt hone ya jhukane ki kriya pahiye ke aakaar ki koi visheshataः ghoomanevaali badi gol vastu

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