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Secondly, supervision can be understood as the function to be performed by supervisor, a managerial position in the organisation hierarchy at the operative level i.e., immediately above the worker.This role played by supervisor helps to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts between management and workers/employees.Supervisory or Operational Management: Foremen and supervisors comprise the lower level in the hierarchy of the organisation.Internal users include: Chief Executive, Financial Officer, ice President, Business Unit Managers, Plant Managers, Store Managers, Line Supervisors, etc.Some important reasons for absenteeism are bad working conditions, inadequate rewards, lack of recognition, poor relations with supervisors and colleagues etc.Supervisor ensures performance of work according to the targets set.A skilled and knowledgeable supervisor can build efficient team of workers.If suitable rewards are given and supervisor gives positive encouragement and praise for the good work done, the worker may slowly develop positive attitude towards the work.It can be understood as a process as well as the functions performed by supervisor (a position at operative level).Supervisor acts as a link between workers and management.A supervisor with good leadership qualities can build up high morale among workers.Directing takes place at every level of management: Every manager, from top executive to supervisor performs the function of directing.Supervisory leadership plays a key role in influencing the workers in the organisation.Supervisor plays a key role in maintaining group unity among workers placed under his control.To encourage flow of direct foreign investment into the less developed member countries; To provide insurance cover to investors against political risks; To provide guarantee against noncommercial risks (like dangers involved in currency transfer, war and civil disturbances and breach of contract); To insure new investments, expansion of existing investments, privatisation and financial restructuring; To provide promotional and advisory services.

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