Visor meaning in hindi | Visor ka matlab 

Visor meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Visor 
Usage of Visor: 1: The visor protects the face while driving the scooter 2: Breaking visor is used to say to own weapons when a man broke his lance into the visor of the person against whom he ran 3: Coiffure of man, made of cloth or skin, which generally has a visor on the front 4: He broke him visor 5: He received a spear in the visor 6: In terms of Blason, he said some bars that are visor a helmet and that kept the eyes of the knight were not affected 7: It was said of the lower part of the helmets visor that protected the lower jaw 8: Lower the visor 9: Lower the visor of a helmet 10: Raise the visor of a helmet
Visor ki paribhasha : mahin rngin kapade ya jaali ka vah tukad jo muanh chhipaane ke liye sir par se gale tak dal liya jaata hai shraaddh aadi men pahale diya jaanevaala dravy ko kisi adhik lnbaayi aur kam chaudaivaali vastu ke ve donon bhaag ya praant jahaaan se chaudai samaapt hoti ho

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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