Familiar meaning in hindi | Familiar ka matlab 

Familiar meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Familiar 
Usage of Familiar: 1: it is very familiar to the initiate 2: he looked vaguely familiar 3: Doctors are familiar with various therapeutics. 4: Amitabh Bacchan is a very a familiar figure. 5: I am very familiar with people of Ratlam. 6: A chemist should be familiar with the chemical nomenclature. 7: BuxXist monks were much familiar with martial arts. 8: Many familiar European mammals have analogues among the Australian marsupials. 9: Milton coined many words that are now familiar 10: Minus the mummy, doesn't this resurrection story have a familiar ring?
Familiar ki paribhasha : ve bhool dravy jo srashti ke mukhy upakaran hai aur jinaki sahaayata se saari srashti ki rachana hui hai vah jo sab baaton men apana saathi sahaayaka, samarthak aur shubhachintak ho jisaki pravratti logon ko mitr banaane ki ho bhaav prakaash ke anusaar vah pradesh jahaaan jngal adhik hon, paani adhik ho, rog adhik hon aur jaad tatha garami bhi adhik padti ho jain darshan ke anusaar vah svargiy aatma jo do baar kisi chakr men aa chuki ho

Familiar synonyms
simple mundane usual intimate commonplace natural homespun plain household domestic routine ordinary native stock accustomed conventional customary everyday frequent habitual humble informal matter-of-fact old hat prosaic proverbial repeated unceremonious unsophisticated wonted recognizable garden variety workaday aware acquainted conversant savvy abreast au courant au fait cognizant conscious informed introduced mindful with it up apprised at home with grounded in on in the know kept posted no stranger to plugged in tuned in up on versed in well up in easy comfortable cordial wise cozy free forward snug sociable dear close thick open smart affable amicable chummy confidential fresh genial gracious impudent intrusive near neighborly nervy obtrusive officious palsy-walsy presuming presumptuous sassy tight unreserved relaxed unconstrained buddy-buddy free-and-easy
Familiar antonyms
unusual abnormal extraordinary industrial alien undistinguished unknown unremarkable ignorant unacquainted aloof unfriendly uncommon different business foreign original new strange unfamiliar unknowledgeable cold cool distant reserved unapproachable unsociable stupid unintelligent unhappy uncomfortable loose 
Usage of Familiar in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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