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Fresh meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fresh 
Usage of Fresh: 1: We can get fresh vegetables in the suburban markets. 2: In the mornings the fresh air is rich in ozone 3: Old reminiscences of my college days are still fresh in my mind.
Her work is full of reminiscences of earlier poetry.
4: The store sells fresh dates. 5: Vegetables are fresh in winter. 6: This company has floated its first public issue now.
This company is floating a fresh issue of shares and debentures.
7: Have only fresh bread for breakfast. 8: They sell fresh limes in the bazar.
Lime-juice is quite sour.
9: The mother takes her child in perambulatior to the park for fresh air. 10: The aroma of fresh coffee beckoned me towards the cafe.
Fresh ki paribhasha : phal aadi jo dal se tootakar turnt aaya ho jisaka sngathana, srajana, aavishkaar ya aavirbhaav bahut haal men hua ho

Fresh synonyms
different crisp unusual late raw hot green natural original recent beginning brand-new comer contemporary crude current gleaming glistening immature latest mint modern modernistic newborn newfangled novel now radical sparkling state-of-the-art unconventional unprocessed unseasoned untouched up-to-date virginal young youthful hot off the press just out neoteric the latest this season's what's happening further renewed extra another auxiliary else farther increased more supplementary added vivid colorful pure sweet clear stiff bright clean quick sharp cool bracing brisk definite fair invigorating spanking stimulating not stale uncontaminated unpolluted good vigorous lively active alert blooming chipper florid glowing hardy keen relieved rested restored revived rosy ruddy sprightly spry stimulated unused verdant vital wholesome relaxed unwearied bouncing bright-eyed bushy-tailed dewy invigorated like new refreshed rehabilitated undimmed unfaded unwithered artless callow uncultivated unskilled untrained untried unversed unpracticed tenderfooted familiar bold smart cheeky disrespectful flip flippant forward impertinent impudent insolent nervy presumptuous saucy snippy wise smart-alecky
Fresh antonyms
standard old-fashioned experienced tired used worn kind polite normal warm stale exhausted lifeless unenergetic gentle dreary boring impure unchaste indefinite uncertain cloudy indistinct stupid unintelligent lazy ignorant flexible soft temperate dull dirty polluted dark gloomy obscure calm moderate slow inactive lethargic 
Usage of Fresh in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb, adverb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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