Furious meaning in hindi | Furious ka matlab 

Furious meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Furious 
Usage of Furious: 1: The teacher made a furious statement at the student. 2: A furious storm uprooted the trees. 3: " while the Japanese were furious and sent aircraft to attack the flag. 4: His father was furious over what he saw as a waste of Luther's education. 5: Amda Seyon was furious with Sabr ad-Din 6: American athletic officials were furious and withdrew his amateur status 7: This action provoked a furious Governor Stuyvesant 8: Most became furious and told her: "Who is not with me is against me! 9: Wilhelm was furious to hear about Windthorst's visit. 10: This suggestion provoked furious reactions from some quarters in Algeria
Furious ki paribhasha : jo kisi kaam ke karane men bahuta, visheshataः aakashyakata se adhika, jaldi karata ho sngit men gndhaar svar ki do shrutiyon men se antim shruti kshatriy pita aur shoodra maata se utpann ek snkar jaati jo bahut dusht ya ugr ho

Furious synonyms
enraged frenzied raging vehement livid violent frantic desperate incensed fierce frenetic bent beside oneself boiling crazed demented fit to be tied infuriated insane irrational maniac rabid unreasonable up in arms vicious wrathful bent out of shape browned off bummed out corybantic fuming hacked hopping mad maddened on the warpath smoking steamed agitated intense blustery boisterous concentrated excessive exquisite flaming impetuous rough savage tempestuous terrible tumultous/tumultuous ungovernable unrestrained wild intensified blustering rampageous
Furious antonyms
cheerful peaceful elated excited exhilarated pleased calm happy gentle mild moderate quiet 
Usage of Furious in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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