Grip meaning in hindi | Grip ka matlab 

Grip meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Grip 
As verb : पकड़ना
Usage of Grip: 1: a good grip on French history 2: The bat grip fits snugly into the hand. 3: Karen clutched at me, but lost her grip . 4: He emerged with a new grip and a powerful new backhand 5: Modern hafts are curved for better grip and to aid in the swinging motion 6: The most common interface on machine guns is a pistol grip and trigger. 7: Some lifters avoid using wrist straps in order to develop their grip strength. 8: "Get a grip Museveni. 9: Arboreal frogs have "toe pads" to help grip vertical surfaces. 10: Grass-court shoes are designed to grip the surface and prevent sliding.
Grip ki paribhasha : kapade taat aadi ko sikar banaaya hua paatr jisamen koi vastu bharakar bnd kar saken uangaliyon ko modkar baaandhi hui hatheli ragad ke saath vah dabaab jo kisi bhaari vastu ke vegapoorvak charane se pade pakadne ki kriya ya bhaav

Grip synonyms
grasp restraint constraint clamp hook cincture coercion enclosure fixing ligature gripe grapple lug clench duress clinch tenure snatch strength cinch vise catch squeeze purchase clutch fastening wrench anchor crushing handshake handgrip handclasp clamping enclosing grapnel handhold control domination influence possession ken keeping clutches power comprehension nab seize take snag clap a hand on latch on to lay hands on take hold of get one's hands on mesmerize fascinate involve enthrall compel engross hypnotize spellbind rivet catch up
Grip antonyms
misconception release misunderstanding weakness powerlessness disgust let go give offer receive loose repel disenchant turn off stop 
Usage of Grip in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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