Happiness meaning in hindi | Happiness ka matlab 

Happiness meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Happiness 
Usage of Happiness: 1: a shadow over his happiness 2: a Stoic achieves happiness by submission to destiny 3: try to know the secrets of happiness 4: the tragedy overshadowed the couples happiness 5: There is always a glimmer of happiness in every disappointment. 6: The happiness on Ritas face was a joy to behold.
I beholded her beauty .
7: he brought happiness to my life. 8: desire happiness in perpetuity 9: My happiness is relative to yours . 10: They stressed the independence from externals to achieve happiness .
Happiness ki paribhasha : man ki vah uttam tatha priy anubhooti jisake dvaara anubhav karanevaale ka vishesh samaadhaan aur sntosh hota hai aur jisake baraabar bane rahane ki vah kaamana karata hai jyotish men vishknbh aadi sattaais yogon men se chautha yaug jo bahut shubh maana jaata hai bhaagavat ke anusaar raatri ke ek kalpit putr ka naam

Happiness synonyms
prosperity peace of mind contentment enjoyment glee optimism euphoria delight elation exhilaration well-being pleasure laughter jubilation bliss gladness sanctity joviality cheerfulness playfulness beatitude delectation exuberance paradise lightheartedness hilarity rejoicing enchantment felicity mirth geniality merriment ecstasy gaiety delirium blessedness good humor seventh heaven hopefulness vivacity cheeriness good cheer good spirits
Happiness antonyms
displeasure dissatisfaction sadness sorrow woe despair melancholy upset worry misery unhappiness discouragement gloom depression pain trouble 
Usage of Happiness in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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