Hard hearted meaning in hindi | Hard hearted ka matlab 

Hard hearted meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hard hearted 
Hard hearted ki paribhasha : jyotish men visham pahali, tisari, paaanchavi, saatavin navin aur gyaarahavin raashiyaaan

Hard hearted synonyms
haughty standoffish unsympathetic distant detached indifferent unresponsive above apart casual chilly cool forbidding hard-boiled lone wolf loner reserved secluded solitary supercilious thick-skinned unapproachable unfriendly unsociable uppity withdrawn incurious cold fish hard-hearted laid back on ice putting on airs stuck up barbarous inhuman callous brutal hardened merciless dispassionate imperturbable matter-of-fact pitiless relentless savage unfeeling unmoved uncompassionate steely stony-hearted harsh insensitive uncaring unloving atrocious bitter tyrannical vicious evil hateful spiteful painful sadistic wicked bestial bloodthirsty degenerate depraved excruciating ferocious fierce flinty hellish implacable inexorable malevolent monstrous pernicious poignant revengeful sinful unnatural unrelenting virulent rancorous inhumane brutish demoniac hard as nails adamant dogged firm fixed hard-nosed immovable inflexible iron mean mulish obstinate perverse rigid tough unbending uncompromising uncooperative unshakable unyielding indurate bullhead hanging tough set in stone stiff-necked tough nut to crack unimpressible avaricious bloody greedy grim impenitent intolerant murderous rigorous shameless sour unforgiving unmerciful vindictive hard-bitten sanguinary unremitting uncontrite unregenerate unrepenting cutthroat dog-eat-dog feral killer mortal severe stern surly unappeasable ironfisted without pity impassive impervious untouched unruffled calm laid-back proof steady unstirred unimpressed unaltered easy-going not influenced unexcited uninfluenced untroubled nonchalant uninvolved oblivious inattentive unperturbed blind blithe careless feckless forgetful heedless insensible insouciant lackadaisical lukewarm negligent neutral phlegmatic self-centered serene supine relaxed deaf unbothered unworried reticent deadpan emotionless apathetic blah flat frigid glacial listless marble quiet passionless undemonstrative unimpressionable along for the ride coldhearted going with the flow rolling with the punches unexcitable disinterested weary blasã© bored could care less remote bored stiff going through motions turned off uncurious malicious nasty inconsiderate malignant thoughtless uncharitable compassionless hardhearted
Hard hearted antonyms
friendly kind compassionate interested sociable warm sympathetic concerned merciful nice gentle giving feeling demonstrative warm-blooded warm-hearted considerate pleasing polite pleasant moral helpful humane easy mild good decent charitable thoughtful uncruel warmhearted sensitive caring submissive susceptible amenable yielding ashamed guilty remorseful sad sorry civilized forgiving nonviolent peaceful flexible calm tame tender responsive unnatural refined sophisticated affected changed moved nervous anxious unnerved curious emotional excitable energetic lively enthusiastic involved untired 
Usage of Hard hearted in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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