Hostility meaning in hindi | Hostility ka matlab 

Hostility meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hostility 
Usage of Hostility: 1: her unconcealed hostility poisoned the atmosphere 2: was aware of his opponents hostility 3: These measures will only perpetuate the hostility between the two nations. 4: Although there is little in the way of open racial hostility 5: Monsieur Verdoux led to increased hostility 6: Since then, King has spoken with less hostility toward Kubrick and his film . 7: Despite their hostility to appearances on UK television 8: This is another reason for the hostility between Uzbekistan and the West. 9: Penn knew of the hostility Quakers faced when they opposed rituals 10: All except Ireland declared a state of hostility with Germany.
Hostility ki paribhasha : kisi doosari vastu ke saath atynt bhinnata abhi- mat va ipsit ki praapti hone par bhi uddhat garv ya maan ke kaaran anaadar ya ghranaabhaav chitt ko apriy lagane ki vratti

Hostility synonyms
war enmity bitterness resentment ill will opposition antipathy hatred rancor estrangement animosity aggression grudge abhorrence spite spleen malevolence belligerence bellicosity malice venom aversion virulence animus detestation disaffection bad blood unfriendliness warpath inimicality
Hostility antonyms
friendship good will happiness liking benevolence agreeableness friendliness peace kindness love loving like respect sympathy gentleness niceness 
Usage of Hostility in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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