Immensely meaning in hindi | Immensely ka matlab 

Immensely meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Immensely 
Usage of Immensely: 1: nowadays nail tats are becoming popular immensely among girls. 2: The spouge industry grew immensely by the end of the 1970s 3: Lilongwe is the official capital of Malawi and has grown immensely since 1974 4: Cycling was immensely popular in the post-WWII period 5: Though their collections of tales became immensely popular 6: Constans seems to have become immensely unpopular in the capital 7: It is immensely rich 8: The Federation Flag proved immensely popular 9: Karl Heinrich Marx was an immensely influential German philosopher 10: It is immensely rich
Immensely ki paribhasha : jo parimaan men alp ya nyoon na ho

Immensely synonyms
truly terribly excessively dreadfully quite badly indeed hugely very much utterly remarkably acutely uncommonly intensely totally severely exceptionally extraordinarily exceedingly unusually almighty markedly mortally notably plenty powerful radically rarely too much ultra violently parlous terrifically strikingly inordinately drastically exorbitantly immoderately prohibitively surpassingly to nth degree vitally incredibly largely tremendously mightily vastly abundantly eminently emphatically incomparably infinitely most powerfully enormously immeasurably inimitably by much conspicuously famously glaringly in great measure incalculably on a large scale superlatively supremely decidedly deeply profoundly so really bloody jolly right but good mucho so much more surplus additionally beyond remaining superfluous unused in excess left over over and above overfull too-too unreasonably unconscionably unjustifiably unjustly unfairly improperly disproportionately unnecessarily extravagantly illegally indecorously out of proportion underhandedly
Immensely antonyms
incompletely little mildly moderately inconsiderably insignificantly unremarkably unfinished less essential necessary failed fewer inadequately insufficiently justly fairly honestly reasonably sensibly 
Usage of Immensely in sentences

The word is used as adjective adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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