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In depth meaning in hindi

How to pronounce In depth 
Usage of In depth: 1: Titanium alloys allow a major increase in depth 2: '' magazine took on the issue in depth in their Spring 2006 article. 3: For more in depth details of Perth's transport network see Transperth. 4: Edward S. Herman and Chomsky's book explores this topic in depth 5: The lake varies in depth from around 2 metres at the eastern end
In depth ki paribhasha : bauddh shaastr ke anusaar maitraayani ke ek putr ka naam paani jisamen jamin bahut andar jaakar mile

In depth synonyms
detailed extensive complete diligent extensively thoroughly broad global overall far-reaching all-inclusive encyclopedic sweeping catholic umbrella blanket general infinite whole absolute compendious discursive expansive wide widespread across the board all-embracing comprising containing encircling lock stock and barrel of great scope synoptic the big picture the whole shebang the works wall-to-wall all-out full-blown out-and-out profound radical total full-dress all-encompassing embracive from a to z no stone unturned the word whole-hog major proper unlimited wide-ranging full-out demanding accelerated deep fast concentrated hard severe speeded-up penetrating confidential firsthand visceral guarded ingrained indwelling privy secret experienced special gut interior essential trusted deep-seated elemental immediate inborn inbred inherent inmost innate innermost internal intrinsic uptight viscerous assiduous careful circumstantial conscientious efficient exact itemized meticulous minute painstaking particular plenty royal scrupulous tough all the way clocklike particularized slam-bang soup to nuts precise step by step
In depth antonyms
cursory incomplete needy unfinished restricted specific imperfect exclusive selective empty short narrow limited circumscribed definite partial particular uncomprehensive incomprehensive superficial excluding surface stupid known ignorant aboveboard unimportant incompatible unfriendly public revealed open cool formal deficient inadequate inexhaustive 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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