Indecent meaning in hindi | Indecent ka matlab 

Indecent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Indecent 
Usage of Indecent: 1: I object to his use of indecent language. 2: an earthy but not indecent story 3: The Victorians denounced the comedy as too indecent for the stage 4: Absolutely and colloquially, make proposals to a person, He make proposals indecent 5: By extension, About necklines, open About, indecent 6: Character of what is indecent 7: I would be ashamed to report indecent he held 8: In this sense, s RELEASE 'pronominalement used in colloquial language and means Hold offensive, prying, indecent 9: It also means, figuratively and familiarly, Soften, disguise what there would be too free, indecent speech, in a story, etc 10: It also said figuratively of a Share or about rude, indecent and repugnant
Indecent ki paribhasha : chedivnshiy kuti ka putr harivnsh jisaki banaavat men ang pratyng ki saapekshik chhotaayi badai ka dhyaan na rakha gaya ho saahityashaastr ke anusaar kaavyaadi men aise shavdon ka prayog jinase brida, jugupsa aur amngal ki abhi- vyakti hoti ho

Indecent synonyms
improper salacious pornographic tasteless lewd off-color unseemly filthy outrageous ridiculous vile shocking immoral unbecoming x-rated blue coarse crude dirty foul foulmouthed gross immodest impure indecorous indelicate licentious malodorous raunchy raw rough scatological shameless smutty untoward wicked ill-bred in bad taste undecorous
Indecent antonyms
appropriate fitting suitable moral seemly chaste acceptable sensible virtuous proper right decent good uncorrupt clean nice pure reasonable modest 
Usage of Indecent in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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