Indifferent meaning in hindi | Indifferent ka matlab 

Indifferent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Indifferent 
Usage of Indifferent: 1: She appeared indifferent to their sufferings. 2: The corrupt officials indifferent attitude infuriated me. 3: stonily indifferent to time 4: Condivi said he was indifferent to food and drink 5: Nature is presented throughout the poem as rough and indifferent 6: The word stoic has come to mean unemotional or indifferent to pain 7: The conception of things indifferent is, according to Kant, extra-moral. 8: The word "stoic" now commonly refers to someone indifferent to pain 9: Columbia, was growing indifferent to him and wasn't properly marketing him . 10: Meat may also be used as an insulting or indifferent term for a human.
Indifferent ki paribhasha : nikaalakar saaph ya rikt kiय़ा hua ko bhaav prakaash ke anusaar vah pradesh jahaaan jngal adhik hon, paani adhik ho, rog adhik hon aur jaad tatha garami bhi adhik padti ho kisi vastu ka vah lakshan jo usake svaroop ko lekar nahin balki usake gun aur dharm aadi ko lekar bata- laaya jaay baarah prakaar ke raajaaon men vah raaja jo do raajaaon ke bich yuddh hote samay kisi ki or na ho, kinaare rahe

Indifferent synonyms
disinterested diffident impervious haughty impartial callous unsympathetic uninvolved unconcerned nonchalant neutral distant heartless aloof inattentive uncaring detached apathetic unresponsive blasã© cold cool dispassionate equitable heedless highbrow listless nonpartisan objective phlegmatic regardless scornful silent supercilious superior unbiased uncommunicative unemotional unmoved unprejudiced passionless stoical unaroused unimpressed unsocial
Indifferent antonyms
biased interested responsive compassionate kind friendly concerned prejudiced sensitive partial feeling nice sympathetic caring involved 
Usage of Indifferent in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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