Inhumane meaning in hindi | Inhumane ka matlab 

Inhumane meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Inhumane 
Usage of Inhumane: 1: An inhumane person hurts everyone. 2: An inhumane ruler runs the risk of losing the "Mandate of Heaven" 3: Although he supported what some consider harsh and inhumane policies today

Inhumane synonyms
barbaric bestial cannibalistic cold-blooded devilish diabolical fell fiendish fierce grim hateful heartless implacable malicious malign malignant mean relentless ruthless unfeeling unrelenting unsympathetic vicious uncompassionate vulgar atrocious rude uncivilized unsophisticated sadistic barbarian coarse ignorant monstrous primitive rough uncouth uncultured wicked wild brutish wolfish animal beastly brute carnal feral bearish ferine swinish harsh callous bitter tyrannical spiteful painful bloodthirsty degenerate depraved excruciating flinty hard hellish inexorable malevolent pernicious poignant revengeful sinful unnatural virulent rancorous demoniac hard-hearted murderous vehement frightful voracious ravenous lupine predatory rapacious unrestrained untamed sanguinary ravening tigerish severe unyielding unforgiving unsparing cutthroat dog-eat-dog gratuitous hardhearted hatchet job mortal uncalled-for unflinching wanton compassionless unappeasable unpitying having a killer instinct iron-fisted mean machine antisocial reclusive reserved sarcastic selfish solitary standoffish unfriendly egoistic egotistical eremitic hating misanthropical austere frigid indifferent insensible obdurate satanic soulless stony coldblooded coldhearted hatchetjob avaricious bloody forbidding greedy hardened impenitent insensitive intolerant rigorous shameless sour tough vindictive hard-bitten unremitting uncontrite unregenerate unrepenting violent destructive raging crazed infernal frantic furious rabid abusive aggressive antagonistic bad-tempered bellicose bullying caustic combative contentious cross defiant frightening hostile intimidating invective militant mordant obstreperous opprobrious ornery pugnacious quarrelsome scathing scurrilous sharp sullen terrifying trenchant contumelious mordacious scrappy vituperative browbeating cowing terrorizing vituperous nasty uncaring inconsiderate thoughtless uncharitable hurtful tyrannous
Inhumane antonyms
animate human/humane sensate inoffensive polite kind compassionate considerate merciful cultured civilized educated nice refined polished sophisticated gentle sympathetic feeling generous pleasing friendly pleasant moral helpful easy mild giving good decent charitable thoughtful uncruel satisfied nonviolent calm tame innocent tender remorseful peaceful sparing flexible yielding bright humanitarian philanthropic sociable ashamed guilty sad sorry domesticated benign cooperative 
Usage of Inhumane in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi 
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