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Instance meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Instance 
Usage of Instance: 1: This includes for instance a view of human nature 2: For instance in Thailand 3: They report an instance of hostility initiated by the Inuit against the Norse 4: Singers are then classified by voice type - for instance 5: This instance of the invention is credited to John Shepherd-Barron 6: In this instance authorities said that the whale could not have been saved 7: For example, in Java, a string literal is defined as an instance of the java. 8: Women may also require testing if a male child develops LNS. In this instance 9: "the first instance recorded in history of a monastic life". 10: In one instance press kits for a project were made available
Instance ki paribhasha : agyaat vastuon ya vyaapaaron aadi ka dharm aadi batalaato hue samajhaane ke liye samaan dharmavaali kisi aisi vastu ya vyaapaar ka kathan jo sabako vidit ho koi baaj jo ho jaay vinayapoorvak kisi baat ke liye hat kisi ko kisi kaary men lagaane ki kriya vedaant darshan ke anusaar manushy ki chaar avasthaaean- jaagrata, svapna, sushupti aur turiy nyaay men vaaky ke paaanch avayavon men se tisara jisak saath saadhy ka saadharma्y ya vaidharma्y hota hai

Instance synonyms
occurrence detail precedent item reason particular occasion example proof exponent specimen illustration sample representative time ground case history case in point sampling exemplification exemplify show quote adduce mention refer cite specify illustrate
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The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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