Interference meaning in hindi | Interference ka matlab 

Interference meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Interference 
Usage of Interference: 1: Political interference in defence matters is highly undesirable. 2: The interference with radio reception was caused by pirates. 3: he ran interference for the quarterback 4: RNA interference is an important innate defense against viruses. 5: Russian interference was minimal 6: Any interference in the internal affairs 7: Hence, interference with any property was enforced by the pater. 8: Certain civil servants have statuses that prohibit executive interference 9: "Nationalism" meant standing up to Japanese and European interference 10: There was also foreign interference and invasion.
Interference ki paribhasha : chhota sa vaaky jo kisi ko koi kaam karate dekh use tonkane ya poochhataachh karane ke liye kaha jaay vah chij jo bich men padkar aad karati ho kisi hote hue kaam men kuchh kaarravaayi kar baithana ya baat bhidana

Interference synonyms
obstruction conflict intrusion intervention background prying resistance barring arrest opposition hindrance retardation clashing tampering choking interposition meddlesomeness blocking backseat driving barging in checking clogging hampering intermeddling tackling trespassing
Interference antonyms
encouragement aid assistance help 
Usage of Interference in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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