Keeping meaning in hindi | Keeping ka matlab 

Keeping meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Keeping 
Usage of Keeping: 1: nowadays hackers are keeping their eyes on people by estalking. 2: People consider sacristan to be the next to God as he is responsible for the keeping of Gods verdict. 3: Vaccum flasks are used for keeping liquids at the same temperature till the time of use. 4: How are you keeping?
He is keeping well.
5: He is not keeping good health as he quids often 6: She is keeping the trousseau in the suitcase. 7: he left his car in my keeping 8: The officials were suspended for not keeping the muniments in order. 9: Been keeping busy? Bill: Yeah . 10: Been keeping cool? Bob: Yeah .
Keeping ki paribhasha : aapaatti, kasht ya naash aadi se bachaana bhojan vastr aadi dekar jivanaraksha vaishamy ya virodh aadi ka abhaav akhitayaar jaisa—yah puchhane ka adhikaar tumhen nahin hai shabd

Keeping synonyms
safekeeping observance preservation charge protection guardianship care balance conformity agreement uniformity harmony
Keeping antonyms
carelessness thoughtlessness neglect disproportion imbalance discord fighting disagreement 
Usage of Keeping in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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