Liberal meaning in hindi | Liberal ka matlab 

Liberal meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Liberal 
Usage of Liberal: 1: The Republicans are trying to unseat the liberal Democrat 2: A liberal donor. 3: He is very liberal in his views. 4: there was a cleavage between the liberal and conservative members 5: my father is with very liberal ilke. 6: Warren was a much more liberal justice than had been anticipated. 7: Kruger was opposed by many liberal elements in South Africa 8: Although at times hailed as a liberal 9: "the Tatarian conqueror is represented as a liberal 10: She describes herself as a liberal and a feminist.
Liberal ki paribhasha : puraanaanusaar ek praachin RRishi ka naam bina kisi prakaar ke dosha, kalnk ya apavaad aadi ke 2250 jo koi vastu kaate anaaj jo braahman ya purohit aadi ko bhojanaarth diya jaata hai parvatiya naipaaliyon ki ek jaati 4298 saath vyavahaar karane men udaar kahi jaati hai yog men asmitaa, raaga, dvesh aur abhinivesh in chaaron kleshon ka ek bhed ya avastha jisamen koi klesh apane poorn roop men vartamaan rahata hua apane vishay ka grahan karata rahata hai

Liberal synonyms
permissive enlightened radical tolerant flexible lenient catholic broad humanitarian free general avant-garde rational understanding left advanced broad-minded high-minded indulgent intelligent interested loose magnanimous reasonable receiving receptive unbiased unconventional unorthodox unprejudiced humanistic reformist latitudinarian libertarian unbigoted kind prodigal altruistic beneficent benevolent bighearted bountiful casual charitable eleemosynary exuberant handsome lavish munificent openhanded openhearted philanthropic princely unselfish unsparing bounteous free-and-easy soft-touch unstinging plenty rich ample copious dime a dozen galore plentiful aplenty no end
Liberal antonyms
intolerant specific conservative narrow-minded greedy thrifty ungenerous lacking wanting limited economical mean poor 
Usage of Liberal in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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