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Word: Dead

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Adjective Nir‍jjeevamaaya (നിര്‍ജ്ജീവമായ) Mariccha (മരിച്ച) Jeevalakshanamillaattha (ജീവലക്ഷണമില്ലാത്ത) Jeevachchhavamaaya (ജീവച്ഛവമായ) Man‍maranja (മണ്‍മറഞ്ഞ) Maanjupeaaya (മാഞ്ഞുപോയ) Poor‍nnamaaya (പൂര്‍ണ്ണമായ) Unnamthettaattha (ഉന്നംതെറ്റാത്ത) Nishcheshtamaaya (നിശ്ചേഷ്‌ടമായ) Upayeaagamillaattha (ഉപയോഗമില്ലാത്ത) Uyiratta (ഉയിരറ്റ) Chattha (ചത്ത) Nishcheshtamaaya (നിശ്ചേഷ്ടമായ) Upayogamillaattha (ഉപയോഗമില്ലാത്ത) Conjunction Athyantham (അത്യന്തം) Nir‍vajjeevamaaya (നിര്‍വജ്ജീവമായ) Pravar‍tthanarahithamaaya (പ്രവര്‍ത്തനരഹിതമായ) Poor‍nnamaayi (പൂര്‍ണ്ണമായി) Noun Maricchavar‍ (മരിച്ചവര്‍) Anthyam (അന്ത്യം) Chalanamillaattha (ചലനമില്ലാത്ത) Nir‍vvikaaranaaya (നിര്‍വ്വികാരനായ)
Dead definition
people who are no longer living
Ex: they buried the dead
a time when coldness (or some other quality associated with death) is intense
Ex: the dead of winter
no longer having or seeming to have or expecting to have life
Ex: the nerve is dead
not showing characteristics of life especially the capacity to sustain life; no longer exerting force or having energy or heat
Ex: Mars is a dead planet
(informal) very tired
Ex: was all in at the end of the day
physically inactive
Ex: Crater Lake is in the crater of a dead volcano of the Cascade Range
Ex: dead silence
unerringly accurate
Ex: a dead shot
out of use or operation because of a fault or breakdown
Ex: a dead telephone line
not yielding a return
Ex: dead capital
lacking animation or excitement or activity
Ex: the party being dead we left early
(acoustics) lacking acoustic resonance
Ex: dead sounds characteristic of some compact discs
sudden and complete
Ex: came to a dead stop
drained of electric charge; discharged
Ex: a dead battery
not endowed with life
Ex: the inorganic world is inanimate
not circulating or flowing
Ex: dead air
no longer in force or use; inactive
Ex: a defunct (or dead) law
not surviving in active use
Ex: Latin is a dead language
devoid of physical sensation; numb
Ex: his gums were dead from the novocain
(followed by `to') not showing human feeling or sensitivity; unresponsive
Ex: passersby were dead to our plea for help
lacking resilience or bounce
Ex: a dead tennis ball
no longer having force or relevance
Ex: a dead issue
devoid of activity
Ex: this is a dead town
completely and without qualification; used informally as intensifiers
Ex: an absolutely magnificent painting
quickly and without warning
Ex: he stopped suddenly
Related definition of Dead

ajeevani aǰīvani s . Death . Ajeevi dead v1 .

atekka , cchu a . V . 1 . To shut , obstruct , block up . Vaathilatekka , atecchurappilla mr . No locked door . Kutiyil‍ atecchu kitakkaan‍ ayakkayilla tr . Rioters leave us no night's rest . Drushti atacchu kitakkunna baalan‍ gs . Dead ; kannatekkaathe paar‍tthu looked into the sun . Ka nnatacchu vichaarikka nal . Kutikal‍ atacchuke tti mudrayituka tr . The houses of renitent subjects ; vaayia . Kaaryam a . . Etc . 2 . To take in , receive , collect , put up . Nikithi etutthatekka , kacche riyil‍ atekka , en‍re kykku ethaanum panam atecchittundu tr . Collected for government . 3 . To pay down (as an instalment) , put into a bank . Muthal‍atekkunpozhum vaangunpo zhum (doc . ) ; to concluded an account v1 . 4 . V . N . To be shut , rendered impervious . Baali po ya vazhiyum atacchilla kr . The way which b . Went is still open , i may kill thee as well as him . Occha atecchupom nid . Occha atekku nnathinnu maashaadi neyi nannu a med . Veti kondu chevi atacchupoyi stunned (= a tayuka) . Diggajjangal‍kku chevi atecchu bhr . I rineer‍ atecchathu ilekkum a med . Avanumaa yi macchakam thannil‍ atecchukondu cg . Being shut up with him in the room . Mazha irittate cchu kondu varunnu and irittatacchirikka be very dark , be in the dark ; irittataccheetina palava zhi vch .

ii . Atthi 1 . Tdbh . Hasthi f . I . Atthithippali elephant pepper . 2 . Tdbh . Asthi f . I . A tthisraavam a med . Atthipparam kettuka build a gibbet to preserve the ashes of the dead .

Related wordsDead - Nir‍jjeevamaaya (നിര്‍ജ്ജീവമായ) Dead as a doornail - Shamshatithamaaya maranam (ശംഷടിതമായ മരണം) Dead as dodo - Thikacchum mariccha (തികച്ചും മരിച്ച) Dead as door-nail - Samshayaatheethamaayi chatthupeaaya (സംശയാതീതമായി ചത്തുപോയ) Dead as mutton - Theer‍tthum chattha (തീര്‍ത്തും ചത്ത) Dead body - Mruthadeham (മൃതദേഹം) Dead born - Chaapillayaaya (ചാപിള്ളയായ) Dead calm - Mahaashaanthatha (മഹാശാന്തത) Dead end - Anthyasthaanam (അന്ത്യസ്ഥാനം) Dead file - Aavashyam varumpeaal‍ upayeaagikkaanaayi sookshicchuvecchirikkunna phayal‍ (ആവശ്യം വരുമ്പോള്‍ ഉപയോഗിക്കാനായി സൂക്ഷിച്ചുവെച്ചിരിക്കുന്ന ഫയല്‍)
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