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Word: Length

Meanings of Length in malayalam :

Vyaapthi (വ്യാപ്‌തി) Alavu (അളവ്) Noun Neelam (നീളം) Dyr‍ghyam (ദൈര്‍ഘ്യം) Visthaaram (വിസ്‌താരം) Dooratthinte alavu (ദൂരത്തിന്റെ അളവ്‌) Dooram (ദൂരം) Akalam (അകലം) Alavu (അളവ്‌) Kaaladyr‍ghyam (കാലദൈര്‍ഘ്യം) Bhaashayile maathra (ഭാഷയിലെ മാത്ര)
Length definition
the linear extent in space from one end to the other; the longest horizontal dimension of something that is fixed in place
Ex: the length of the table was 5 feet
continuance in time
Ex: the ceremony was of short duration
the property of being the extent of something from beginning to end
Ex: the editor limited the length of my article to 500 words
size of the gap between two places
Ex: the distance from New York to Chicago
a section of something that is long and narrow
Ex: a length of timber
Related definition of Length

aayatham āyaδam s . (yama) stretohed , long = neenda . Aayathamaaya thoni ar . Aayathamizhi yaal‍ bhr . Aayathachathurashram gan . Oblong . Aayathi 1 . Length = aayaamam . 2 . Futurity aa yathikshaman‍ vch . Looking to future use .

aayka , nju āyγa t . M . C . 1 . To select , cull (hence aaraayka) gather , array viraku aanju vekka heap up , kayiru , nool‍ aa . . Coil up . Karu ka aanjuvekka put grass halms of equal length for a rite . 2 . = anchuka , to bend as for an exertion v1 . Parigham aanju ar 6 . Swung . Ther‍ aanju piticchu gada kondaticchu bhr . Pulled up . Paatavam utayavar‍ thammil‍ ne re aaynthutanarenju rc . Ghatatthil‍ onnaanja ticchaan‍ pt . Lifting up the arm . Kapimannan‍ aaynthu paaynthu rc . Fled eagerly .

utaneelam full height of a person , whole length of a house , beam , etc .

Related wordsLength - Neelam (നീളം) Length apart - Akalam (അകലം) Lengthen - Deer‍ghamaakkuka (ദീര്‍ഘമാക്കുക) Lengthened - Neettiya (നീട്ടിയ) Lengthening - Neelamvekkal‍ (നീളംവെക്കല്‍) Lengthily - Neelamulla (നീളമുള്ള) Lengthiness - Neelam kootiya (നീളം കൂടിയ) Lengthways - Neelam kootiya vazhi (നീളം കൂടിയ വഴി) Lengthwise - Neelatthil‍ (നീളത്തില്‍) Lengthy - Neelamulla (നീളമുള്ള)
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