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Word: Stained

Meanings of Stained in malayalam :

Adjective Kara veena (കറ വീണ)
Stained definition
marked or dyed or discolored with foreign matter
Ex: a badly stained tablecloth
having a coating of stain or varnish
especially of reputation
Ex: the senator' s seriously damaged reputation
Related definition of Stained

kara kar̀a t . M . C . Te . (karu) 1 . Blackness . 2 . Spot , blot , rust . Karapattuka , pitikkappetuka to be stained , avare okkayum kulatthote kara pa rayunnathu enthinnu kr . Why call the whole sex a stain (rather let her be a stain on her sex , a kulakkara) . 3 . Blood , esp . Menstrual kara vee zhaatheyum varum nid . 4 . Sap issuing from trees , gum . 5 . Kara kottikkalikka v1 . A play of bowls .

Related wordsStained - Kara veena (കറ വീണ) Stained glass - Janalinte chaayamaticcha chillu (ജനലിന്റെ ചായമടിച്ച ചില്ല്‌)
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