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Word: Wholly

Meanings of Wholly in malayalam :

Ellaavidhatthilum (എല്ലാവിധത്തിലും) Conjunction Muzhuvanum (മുഴുവനും) Ottaake (ഒട്ടാകെ) Sar‍vathaa (സര്‍വഥാ) Muzhuvanum (മുഴുവനും) Noun Meaattham (മൊത്തം) Aasakalam (ആസകലം) Mottham (മൊത്തം)
Wholly definition
to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent
Ex: he was wholly convinced
Related definition of Wholly

athrayum all , wholly ; ivekkathrayum , eejaathi kal‍kkathrekkum m . C . To all these classes . E nnotullathathrayum jud . Athrayum illa ithrayum illa neither so much nor so little .

ashesharippatuka be wholly destroyed v1 .

inf . Theera wholly . Theera arikayilla not at all . Vaarikkondu theerave poyi cg . Totally lost . Theerepparanju decidedly (= theer‍tthu) .

Related wordsWholly - Muzhuvanum (മുഴുവനും) Wholly involved - Poor‍nnamaayum muzhukiya (പൂര്‍ണ്ണമായും മുഴുകിയ)
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