assembly meaning in marathi

Word: assembly
Meaning of assembly in english - congregation, putting together

Meanings in marathi :

sthaani ( स्थानी )
sabha ( सभा )
Synonyms of assembly
gathering crowd cluster huddle council rally flock bunch conference confab group crew meeting multitude body conclave faction company convocation aggregation collection band sit-in turnout association throng mass accumulation assemblage get-together clambake coffee klatch building manufacture molding adjustment construction attachment manufacturing fabrication connecting erection shaping modeling welding joining fitting together piecing together
Antonyms of assembly
individual separation one
Identical words :
assembly hall - aasthaan ( आस्थान )
assembly of the learned - vidvat shansatt ( विद्वत् षंसत्त )
assembly of select people - sabha ( सभा )
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