bar meaning in marathi

Word: bar
Meaning of bar in english - rod, straight length of material, barrier, blockage, establishment serving alcohol, legal system, secure, usually with a length of material, prohibit

Meanings in marathi :

sale ( सळे )
Synonyms of bar
streak pig stroke strip slab rib stake boom spar ingot batten billet rail stripe shaft pole rule lever stick paling spoke crosspiece crossbar wall fence traverse clog encumbrance restraint hindrance stop snag obstruction obstacle barricade hurdle railing impediment deterrent pale road block stumbling block blank wall bistro tavern pub lounge inn saloon tap taproom barroom canteen cocktail lounge public house rathskeller alehouse beer garden drinkery watering hole tribunal counsel court judiciary bench dock law judgment law court courtroom jurists attorneys solicitors barristers lawyers counselors law practice legal profession plug trammel dam dike blockade jam bolt fasten close latch seal deadbolt caulk hinder prevent discourage suspend deny forbid preclude enjoin refuse segregate limit eliminate rule out reject ban exclude disallow outlaw discountenance frustrate ostracize debar except interfere override interdict exile boycott circumvent condemn shut out freeze out
Antonyms of bar
loss whole advantage aid failure help assistance encouragement clearance opening promotion support unlock unblock loosen release unseal advocate permit unfasten unplug free unclog unstop let go allow grant sanction choose include ratify welcome advance continue admit approve accept keep
Identical words :
As noun :
barrier - adi ( अडी )
bark - khaali ( खाली )
bard - vidyaavant ( विद्यावंत )
barber - vaarik ( वारिक )
As adjective :
barefoot - vinapaauulin ( वीनपाउलीं )
barren - vanjat ( वांजट )
bar on a door - aagal ( आगळ )
barley seed used as a measure for weighing gold - jauu ( जउ )
barbers tool bag - dhokati ( धोकटी )
barrenness - nisantaan ( निसंतान )
barren land - barad ( बरड )
bard who sings early morning songs - paahaatagaan ( पाहाटगाण )
barbers bag - phaniaaren ( फणिआरें )
bard who praises the lineage of a king etc - maagadh ( मागध )
barren woman - vaanjhauti ( वांझौटी )
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barberbarbers bagbarbers tool bagbard who praises the lineage of a king etcbard who sings early morning songsbardbared stem of a hemp plantbarefootbarkbarley seed used as a measure for weighing goldbarleybarren landbarren womanbarrenbarrennessbarrierbasebasis for distinctionbasisbasket containing oil lamps that is given to the bridegrooms mother before a wedding processionbasket made of bamboo stripsbasket made of bamboobasketbastard sonbastionbatbathbathing and performing the sandhyā ritebathing someone and performing other personal servicesbathing water not available even to the god indra