bear meaning in marathi

Word: bear
Meaning of bear in english - bring, support mentally, endure, give birth

Meanings in marathi :

rihas ( रिहस )
Synonyms of bear
carry deliver take buck tote transfer move convey lug ferry fetch transport pack hold have shoulder exhibit uphold entertain harbor maintain sustain cherish possess hold up weigh upon experience allow undergo stomach brook tolerate abide admit permit suffer encounter put up with develop form provide create produce make fructify engender breed invent reproduce propagate yield beget generate be delivered of bring forth
Antonyms of bear
remain refuse avoid dodge evade shun fail lose hold keep maintain throw away be unproductive disregard ignore forget take reject disallow dispute deny stop destroy ruin halt
Identical words :
As noun :
beard - daadhi ( दाढी )
bearer - lekaar ( लेकार )
bearing the name such and such - aakhya ( आख्या )
bearing designs - chitriv ( चित्रीव )
bearer of the divine name - naamadhaarak ( नामधारक )
bearing fruit and flowers - phalatenphulaten ( फळतेंफुलतें )
bearing fruit instantly - sadyasaphal ( सद्यसफळ )
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