bound meaning in marathi

Word: bound
Meaning of bound in english - obligated, destined, jump, bounce, restrict

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
kiraan ( किराण )
jhep ( झेप )
Synonyms of bound
constrained restrained firm forced indentured made bent fated obliged pledged urged required driven intent pressed doomed certain sure bounden enslaved coerced contracted articled impelled compelled necessitated apprenticed duty-bound having no alternative under compulsion under necessity skip ricochet leap prance hop vault caper pounce spring recoil frisk hurdle bob gambol saltate encircle delimit terminate enclose mark define surround determine measure confine circumscribe demarcate hem in delimitate
Antonyms of bound
irresolute permitted unrestricted allowed free unbounded unobliged unbind let go release liberate begin open
Identical words :
As noun :
boundary - saavani ( सावनी )
bound by ones own karma - karmabadh ( कर्मबध )
boundary stone - sividhula ( सीवीधुळा )
boundaries on four sides - chatrughaatasima ( चत्रुघाटसीमा )
bounded - samit ( समित )
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