brave meaning in marathi

Word: brave
Meaning of brave in english - bold, endure bad situation

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
shaura ( शौरा )
Synonyms of brave
gallant foolhardy daring confident fearless spunky audacious stout adventurous spirited gutsy dashing reckless valiant resolute strong courageous heroic firm militant game forward stalwart chivalrous dauntless defiant doughty gritty imprudent indomitable intrepid lionhearted nervy plucky stouthearted unafraid undaunted valorous venturesome unabashed chin-up herolike unblenching undauntable undismayed unfearful withstand defy go through confront court risk support bear face suffer challenge dare beard take on face off fly in the face of outdare
Antonyms of brave
cowardly timid careful cautious meek irresolute frightened reticent retiring afraid fearful shy unadventurous mild weak humble surrender refuse reject capitulate complain dodge hide yield break down give up run away
Identical words :
As noun :
bravery - sauriy ( सौरिय )
brave heroic man - pavaademall ( पवाडेमल्ल )
brave warrior - suhaad ( सुहाड )
brave on the battlefield - ranabambaal ( रणबंबाळ )
brave fighter - saura ( सौरा )
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