bunch meaning in marathi

Word: bunch
Meaning of bunch in english - collection of something, gather in group

Meanings in marathi :

ravat ( रवट )
ghos ( घोस )
Synonyms of bunch
bevy crowd cluster mess chunk flock number bundle batch band pile gang lot assemblage mob assortment crew stack multitude pack gathering heap bouquet thicket galaxy tuft swarm blob fascicle mass passel parcel agglomeration spray knot party oodles covey shock host troop team clump quantity shebang caboodle sheaf shooting match huddle herd congregate assemble
Antonyms of bunch
individual one disperse scatter spread distribute divide let go
Identical words :
bunch of pearls hanging as a pendant - tongal ( तोंगल )
bunch of bananas - phani ( फणी )
bunch of flowers - stabak ( स्तबक )
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